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Not everything is stationary. At times, having structures that can be fixed, detached, and carried from one place to another saves money, time, and cost. We build temporary structures that can be fit into any place and be detached and moved to other places when there is a demand. Such temporary MS structures are a boon to the booming businesses. The best quality material along with our expert service is what makes a difference and gets more clients to us.

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Types Of Temporary MS Structures

Materials Storage

Storages are important for any business that has to do with production. We build the best material storage space with high-grade MS material that protects your storage products from weather, wear and tear, heat, and any sort of damage. What’s more? These storage places can be moved according to your convenience and you can save a lot of money on the reconstruction of such storages in a new place

Barn and Farming Storage

We are experts who build the best stack houses for all the agricultural and farming essentials’ storage. Apart from weather and wear and tear, we pest-proof the barn and farming storages to keep all the raw products and grains safe in all ways. Our top-class material and mastered experience can be tried by you if you are looking for such movable temporary structures


Workshops are fun to attend by all only if you have the right platform. With our help, you can have the best temporary MS structures built for your workshops and similar events according to the space you are allotted with. The best part of our structures for your workshops is that you can fix it anywhere and remove it after you are done with your workshop and store it

Screen House

Planning to pull up a screen house on your farm or any such place? Get the best quality screen house structured by us! We are known for building screen houses based on the needs of our clients and have come up with some amazing thought-provoking structures. Show us the place you want to set up a screen house and we will get the best one in store for you
Our Services


Apart from these, we also undertake the orders and requirements of other MS structures that are to be used for a temporary period of time. With the best experts working on it, we ensure quality output in the best time period to bring a smile on your face